Recognize to accept our own “stupidity”

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Recognize to accept our own “stupidity” . Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher, said of “the realization of the ignorance”: “I don’t know anything. The only thing that I do not know anything about ”because of acceptance. Or realize that we “don’t know” or that we have “stupidity” is a courageous act. And have a good effect on ourselves

accept our own "stupidity"

Ignorance is not a shameful thing.

The first is because everyone starts out with “ignorance” as well. The second reason is that no matter how much we learn There was no way to escape from the framework of “ignorance” even if he was at the doctor level. He knows only the fields he researches. But cannot understand anything other than the fields that I have researched So there are many things we don’t know on this planet. Infinite Even if we think that We know this very well, one day that knowledge may become outdated or change, so knowing it is not uncommon or embarrassing.

Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t know yourself.

No matter what age Pretending to know, even though we don’t know it It does not benefit anyone at all, so if we still have things that we do not know We should learn more. So that our ignorance or stupidity Will turn into intelligence and intelligence someday

Why should we be aware of the things we “don’t know”?

We often deceive ourselves That we know what we do not know And are always confident that what we pretend to know is “what I know”

Our learning opportunities will disappear instantly. When we think we already know Because when we think that we are smart We will not see the need to learn anything.

We should be aware that There are things we don’t know. So that we can learn more, fill gaps, fix ignorance.