What is stalker?

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What is stalker? Many people like themselves, have a lot of “fans” to keep track of them, send them encouragement, send gifts, do good things for you, but do you believe that? There may be some fans who are following and trapped in various locations and threats both on social media and in real life. It’s a stalker behavior. That might make you feel uncomfortable Privacy is violated Sometimes there can be a ‘creepy’ act that you just want to get away from.

What is stalker?

Stalker is

               Stalker behavior is secretly in love and secretly likes stalking. Until it invades the privacy of people who secretly love both physically and mentally Stalker habits are classified into about five categories:

  • Type of relationship rejected Due to being denied love The thing that heals the mind is stalking. Feeling satisfied with being close to it or doing it for revenge
  • Types of anger Caused by pain that has been treated unfairly Therefore do it in order to take revenge or get it back in order to demand justice for yourself.
  • Intimacy type This type is found everywhere. Stalker behavior that uses a method of stalking a secret crush Because they believe that they will make them closer together May occur in the form of a passionate fan club, celebrity artist. Or net idol Sometimes they mistakenly think that the person they are stalking is in love with themselves.
  • Skillless type This type of behavior is shy, speaks well and may have psychiatric problems. No violence
  • Predatory type is the most dangerous type. May be due to severe mental disorders, sadistic acts in response to one’s own sexual arousal. There is a step-by-step planning and action. In order to have power over the person he is attracted to

– Prepare to deal with “Stalkers”

  • Do not speak or reply completely. The stalker may understand that you and him are making more progress. Because of thinking you have begun to pay attention to him  
  • Do not let the information leak. Trying to collect my own data Both online and offline, if the Stalker knows a lot of information. The threat will only increase.
  • Forbid people close to it One of the stalker behaviors is getting to befriend people close to you. In order to easily get close to you, it is best to tell relatives, close friends, trusted supervisors. To find solutions or help cope
  • Do not walk alone Should have a friend to accompany you will be more comfortable. Because he cannot predict what will happen at all If necessary, do not go to a lonely place. Carry protective gear with you, such as whistle, pepper spray, etc.

Escaping Stalker Behavior Not easy And it’s a delicate matter You should prepare well. Especially posting check-in messages on social media. Make the Stalker know your movements very well. Therefore, be careful in every way. And find a way to escape, otherwise it is you who will lose your mental health and may not be able to use your daily life normally.