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Guess your favorite genre of music Express yourself. What is the reason for liking one good song for you? Are those lyrics, melodies, rhythms or genres of music? Healing suffering It can also indicate the character and identity of the audience as well. What is going to be, must follow.

music Express yourself


Is a person who is fun, cheerful, is not complicated Have a fondness for nature A romantic person Be friendly with other people and who take their love seriously.

Rock music

Being a person who has a high individuality. Rarely mess with other people Not really into the trend and is a fairly strong speaker. Like a bad-mouthed, deep-hearted, and lonely person Secretly sad in my heart But not much to show

Music Bossa

A sensitive person, thoughtful, dreamer, imaginative. Have an aptitude for art Meticulous in dressing As for love, it is not very serious. Will focus on being comfortable and not in a rush to develop relationships

R&B Song

Being a person with high determination and self-esteem. Focus on your thoughts But will not have many friends Because they focus on quality rather than quantity I don’t like giving time to wasted. As for love, it is quite complex and difficult to find.


Is a person who likes to be with his own thoughts, speaking less, personality, will be a quiet, quiet person who likes to listen rather than speak. But another personality It is someone who likes adventure, excitement and challenge as well.

Indie music

Is someone who likes to be alone Be yourself Not easily conformed to anyone, can be said to be a baptist and have a contradictory personality. Sometimes I want to say and say a lot But sometimes the script will be silent. Until it always makes people around him amaze It is also a person who has a high self-confidence. Love your identity and don’t care about the world.


As someone who likes to party Likes fun, cheerfulness, easily boredom, may be lazy in some ways. Like being very social Loves extravagant things and tastes, is someone who has an interest in fashion and is meticulous in their attire.


Usually people who listen to blues music and get a deep emotional feel of the music have a past. Therefore, people who like this kind of music tend to pass through heat and cold for quite a while. Have a wise mind High self respect At the same time, they are creative, have a strange look at things that make people around them like it.

Classical music

Being a person who has a high individuality. You can say that you like to have your own world. I don’t care about the world They are primarily interested in their own matters, being smart and prudent, can be called perfectism.

Music Opera

Is someone who has a complex idea If you are a lover, you must say that it is the Hard to get type. But it must not be a humble discharge. It must be a luxury that is above the level. In your opinion, you are a disciplined person. Know the time Have their own tastes

Country music

You can be easy with anyone. Like country music that is easy to listen to Access to all genders and ages. In addition, you have fun, love, friends, kindness and diligence. So lively that everyone wants to be near

Rap reggae

A creative person Be the best of yourself Have the courage to express your own needs directly. You like life. Immerse yourself in everything around you, like to think, talk about problems and exchange knowledge Being a person with an independent mindset Not sticking to the rules

Music House

You are hyper Likes to do many things at the same time, sometimes having the courage to try things that are extreme to challenge one’s abilities. You don’t care much about your surroundings that affect your mind. Because he always knows what he wants You are an assertive person, love your friends, love the society.

Soul Music

Outside that looks strong, but you are actually very gentle. There is cuteness in the heart And perhaps there is a cute corner or a hobby that others cannot imagine. You like organization, courtesy, charm, admiration anyone sees.