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9 great benefits that should not be overlooked of “coconut water”

Coconut is “super food” or food that is high in nutrition and good for health is a top priority. There is no need to buy from a city outside of the rice fields. ” Coconut “ is our home. It’s cheap, good, and it’s definitely useful. 9 great benefits that should not be overlooked of “coconut

Itchy throat , what to eat and how to relieve symptoms?

          If you can’t be bothered by the itchy throat that won’t go away. We have some methods that may help relieve symptoms to improve. Let’s go to knowledge for you. Drink plenty of warm water to reduce irritation. helps dissolve phlegm Suck on cough candies or

Covid omicron how to violent.

          The Omicron mutant coronavirus can spread 2-5 times faster than previous strains. And may become the dominant strain in the future to replace the Delta. After a sharp increase in infections in countries such as the United States. Where the number

What is gastritis disease.

          Actually the full name of this disease is “peptic ulcer disease”. But most people call it gastritis. Actually it also refers to ulcer disease of the small intestine. gastritis and inflammatory bowel disease as well. Knowledge for you.   Stomach disease symptoms Check a little.  Let’s

Kajon flowers delicious taste where are the properties?

Who likes to eat stir-fried Kajon flowers with eggs? or other Kajon flower menus. But still do not know the properties of Kajon flowers. Today we will take a look at the benefits of Kajon flowers. Let’s see where our favorite Kajon flowers are good.           Kajon flowers

What causes psychiatric illnesses?

Although the exact cause of most psychiatric illnesses is unknown. But research shows that many of these symptoms are caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and environmental factors knowledge. Biological factor. Neuron circuit disorders:  especially neurons with “neurotransmitters (Neurotransmitters)” which the presence of this chemical is too

What is goiter?

What is goiter?

What is goiter? As you know, most goiters are caused by iodine deficiency. Although the symptoms of the disease may not be as fatal as other serious diseases, if the treatment is not known. And prevention will cause various consequences, so let’s get to know this disease better. Goiter is

What is Corona Virus?

What is Corona Virus?

What is Corona Virus? Corona is a virus shaped like a crown. First found in the mid-1960s with four major coronavirus strains. But the most prevalent is SARS-CoV, first found in China in 2002-2003, which has spread all over the world. And It has a high

When kids lying becomes a problem.

When kids lying becomes a problem

When kids lying becomes a problem. Occasionally lying can be a normal behavior among school-age children. But if a child begins to lie so often that it becomes a habit and other aggressive behaviors. Such as destroying belongings, harming people or animals Having sleep problems, having no friends,

A child's lying is not an inherent behavior.

A child’s lying is not an inherent behavior

A child’s lying is not an inherent behavior. It is based on learning and absorbing from family upbringing or learning in school from friends. However, each child begins to have different lies and found that lying was associated with child development.  Children at different ages have different reasons for