5 simple tricks to exercise your goals by yourself.

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Now that you’ve set your goals and know how to exercise them. Here are some great tips to help you exercise results.

1. Drink water before exercise.

About 3 hours before exercise. You should drink 2-3 glasses of water and during you should drink water often. In the amount of not less than 1-2 glasses to compensate for the lost water and prevent headaches, dizziness, cramps or muscle contractions.

2. Warm-up.

Before should warm up to prevent muscle injury stretching can also help the body adjust the flexibility of muscles and tendons. Including gradually  UFABET Adjust your body temperature until you are ready for the next strenuous.

3. Start with light exercise.

exercise at home

Should start with light exercise. Start with a simple posture to gradually Stimulate the muscles to wake up little by little. Strengthen the muscles step by step and gradually increase the tempo. Because if you start vigorously without the muscles ready. It is at risk of injury to the muscles.

4. Don’t forget to do specific exercises.

specific suitable for people who want to strengthen muscles who want a lean body. For better results, additional equipment such as drumbells or exercise bands should be used. If you don’t know what exercises to do, try opening Youtube and searching for specific methods. It is guaranteed that you have everything from arms, legs, abdomen, buttocks, ensuring that you are fit and firm with results.

5. Cool down to relax muscles.

After intense exercise the body produces lactic acid. Which is a waste that makes our muscles tired. This can cause cramping if too much. But the cooldown or light movement. After exercise, such as walking after a hard run or stretching the muscles after bodyweight will help the body gradually Cool down in a hierarchy Allows more oxygen to nourish the muscles. Lactic acid will slowly break down, reducing the chance of muscle soreness. So don’t forget to cool down after every workout.