7 ways to inspire employees

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7 ways to inspire employees.  When having to do the same job over and over for a long time May feel bored Not challenging in the work that you are doing Or as we often call it out of the fire itself.

The state of power It has a great effect on the motivation of employees. If you leave it for a long time Entering, it may affect the quality of the workpiece Including having a rate to move jobs .

7 ways to inspire employees

1. Organize training to increase competence.

One of the things that makes employees feel the power is out. May come from the reason that Nothing new to learn So there are no challenges in the work that I am doing.

Therefore, let’s encourage and inspire them through training or seminars, encourage them to gain additional skills to improve their performance. As well as their career advancement For example

  • Training inside or outside the enterprise (In-house and Public Training) : training to increase their knowledge. And new skills That is beneficial to the profession To be adapted to work
  • The current job (Job Rotation): shuffle. Or transfer the position of that employee Will help them develop themselves And has a more diverse skill set It also reduces the boredom of the job that is currently being done.

2. Create a good working environment.

The surrounding environment of the workplace It has helped a lot to reduce boredom. And inspire the work of employees For example

  • Devices that meet the needs of the job: Such as an ergonomic chair, a long seat that doesn’t get tired, or a modern computer that runs quickly It will help create happiness in the work of employees quite a lot.
  • Shady office decor: for example, adding trees Can allow employees to take a break from work to look at the shady atmosphere in the office
  • Relaxing corner: how nice it would be if you were tired from work And then there is a soft sofa To let himself down to sit and relax Or can be supplemented by adding a bookshelf Or game consoles Give employees a corner where they can relax from their workload.

3. Adjust working hours to be flexible.

Because each employee has different productive times, giving them a lot of time. So it will help build efficiency And more good inspiration By adjusting the working time to be flexible as follows

  • Flexible entry-exit times: obstacles that cause many People are discouraged from coming to work. That is, traveling during peak hours, crowded. If you can adjust the time in – out to be flexible It will greatly reduce the awkwardness of traveling to work.
  • Extending a meal break: Perhaps a one-hour meal break is too little. If you try to calculate carefully Until the restaurant is finished cooking Than to travel It took a long time, so if they can extend the time in this section, allow them to have time to rest before work. Will help work out more efficiently
  • Reasonable Vacation: Giving employees on vacation leave Or take your own time Will help them recharge And have the energy to return to work at full efficiency, so must not forget to prepare the vacation to be as reasonable as they can get.

4.Pay attention to the workpiece Or more effort than rules

Many companies evaluate their performance by following the regulations. More than the quality of work Or the efforts the employee has shown Which cuts down the morale of the employees a lot

There were voices from many company employees saying their company was underestimating their efforts. And focus on the rules so much that it seems to catch offenses such as the rules of dressing. Rules for the use of mobile phones in the workplace, etc., which many of which seem a little regulation that can be tolerated.

So don’t just look at the rules and regulations. If they break the law, they can admonish them. But do not let it interfere with their efforts. And your company will be loved by all employees.

5. Organize activities or friendly parties.

Who wouldn’t want to work in a place surrounded by friends? Sometimes inspiration can be built through socializing. That’s why there should be activities. Or a party To connect the relationship of the office workers together

Having friends who can be close to each other in the workplace Will not feel like I have to work alone And there are people to support and listen to help and share problems that arise. Making it not run out of power in simple work

6. Compensation that is commensurate

Of course, that salary It is like encouragement in return for their efforts in the work. So you can think easily That if there is a suitable reward They also have inspiration for their work, such as annual salary increases. Or annual bonus

7. Benefits that support life security

Security in life is another thing that anyone would want to have in the future. The support from the company is also part of what motivates them to work.