Choosing Hand washing alcohol

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I cannot deny that Hand-washing alcohol is a barrier to disease that everyone should carry. Because of the rush hour or when it is inconvenient to wash your hands with soap and clean water Small bottles of alcohol can greatly reduce the risk of contracting certain diseases and improve your confidence in your lifestyle. 

Choosing Hand washing alcohol

Although alcohol at a concentration appropriate to reduce the amount of pathogenic diseases such as

Covid-19    , or SARS effectively. However, hand washing alcohol has some limitations and precautions that you should be aware of before you buy. Therefore, this article would like to invite everyone to study on this topic. To get alcohol of the highest quality and safest for health.

Things you should know before buying hand sanitizers

As many people have to use alcohol to wash their hands on a regular basis. This ensures that the alcohol in use is effective and helps reduce germs. Users should consider several factors such as.

Handwashing alcohol components

In general, there are two types of alcohol that are commonly used to kill germs: Ethyl Alcohol or Ethanol (Ethanol) that is pure alcohol from the fermentation of agricultural crops. And isopropyl alcohol (Isopropyl Alcohol) or Isopropanol (Isopropanol) is the product of petrochemical processes. Both types of alcohol will have a clear liquid. Can be easily evaporated 

However, some users may be confused or interspersed with methyl alcohol or methanol, a toxic alcohol that is toxic to the body. This can cause symptoms vary greatly depending on the amount applied to the skin, such as nausea, vomiting and headache. Accidental drinking methanol can lead to blindness, convulsions, and nervous system damage. Or death, so if you found the distribution of alcohol-containing methanol. Should not be bought for use at all. 

In addition to the main ingredient like alcohol. Many brands have other ingredients that differ. For the benefit of use varies. They often add moisture to the skin or the scent that will appeal to users, whether it’s glycerol, cold water, sterilized or boiled. Aloe vera gel or essential oils such as tea tree oil or lavender oil.