Covid omicron how to violent.

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          The Omicron mutant coronavirus can spread 2-5 times faster than previous strains. And may become the dominant strain in the future to replace the Delta. After a sharp increase in infections in countries such as the United States. Where the number of omicron cases rose from 12% to 73% within a week. It is important knowledge.

          However as far as cases were found abroad. Most people who have vaccinate have no symptoms. Or have mild symptoms similar to the common cold. Many people do not need to hospitalize. By data infect with omicron strains in England Hospitalization is only 20-25% less than the delta species. That patients have to admit to the hospital up to 50%. The current mortality rate is not very high And most of the deaths are people who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19.
          A study from the University of Hong Kong found that Omicron strains cause bronchial infections and multiplied about 70 times faster than other strains than Delta  strains . At the lungs less than the delta species and the proliferation of lung tissue cells is slower. That makes the omicron species spread quickly. Because the infection is prevalent in the upper respiratory tract. Which is easily spread to the people around.

          From the above information. It shows that Omicron species may be less virulent than Delta. But still can’t trust Because Omicron has the ability to dodge immunity from vaccines. And the immunity that arises after infection before. Therefore it must be monitor for infection.

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