Does collagen for bones really work?

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Does collagen for bones really work? Many people have a lot of misconceptions about collagen. From advertising for beauty products in the form of skin care supplements But the reality is There are different types of collagen. Each of which provides different benefits for the body.

In fact, collagen can be divided into many types.

How many types of collagen are there?

In fact, collagen can be divided into many types. But there are 3 types that are most common and important to the body:

  • Collagen type I Type 1 collagen. It is the most common collagen in the body. Found in more than 90% of the skin, it is very important to help increase skin elasticity, heal wounds and prevent tissue tearing or damage.
  • Collagen type II Type 2 collagen This is more common in the joints. And cartilage It is responsible for the formation of cartilage, reducing inflammation and deterioration of joints. It also helps repair worn joints. To move better as well
  • Collagen type III Collagen type 3 It is collagen that can be found in the skin as well. But it is found in very small amounts, about 10% of the collagen found throughout the body. It is often found in regenerated skin such as children’s skin or wounded skin, etc. by type III collagen. There is the function of preventing blood vessels from being damaged. It also helps to strengthen protein in bones and tissues.

Factors that cause the body to not get enough collagen.

You can see that collagen is very important to the functioning of the body. However, as we age, the body will produce less collagen. But in addition to the age factor There are other factors That results in collagen destruction, such as


UV rays contained in sunlight Will do to destroy collagen in the skin layer Causing the skin to lose its elasticity And premature aging

pollution, dust, smoke

We have to face pollution or smoke on a daily basis until the accumulation of more volumes. These will cause the collagen in the skin to be destroyed without your knowledge.


Caffeinated beverages can lead to dehydration of the body. If you drink a lot Will cause collagen in the skin layer to be destroyed Skin is not bright and radiant. And affects the blood system And digestive system


When the body is stressed it produces cortisol. Which is a type of hormone that will destroy collagen under the skin

personal behavior

In addition to the reasons above Other personal behaviors It has an effect on the body’s collagen as well. Whether it’s not getting enough rest, smoking, and drinking alcohol. Or drink too little water These behaviors Are all important factors in the destruction of collagen in the body.

Want to maintain bones and joints, what type of collagen do you need to eat?

For collagen that has benefits in nourishment And relieve the injury from diseases of the bones and joints of the body is Collagen type 2 (Collagen Type II), which is found in the body’s tissues, bones and joints.

Several studies, both human and animal experiments, have shown that Collagen Type II can be absorbed through the intestines and accumulated in the cartilage. Therefore, it can help relieve injury caused by bone, joint disease or other pain such as back pain, neck pain, reduce joint pain, inflammation or erosion of the joints. Helps improve joint mobility And also help prevent joint degeneration Arthritis may occur in the future as well.

Symptoms when the body is deficient in Collagen Type II

Type II collagen is thought to help reduce the degeneration and inflammation of bones and joints, but if the body produces less collagen. Will cause the body to cause the following symptoms

  1. Have pain in the knee and other joints in the body
  2. The knee is loose or deformed.
  3. Inability to stretch Or can bend the knees as possible
  4. There is stiffness around the knee.
  5. A sound occurs around the knee when moving.
  6. Have severe pain when walking And difficulty going up and down the stairs