Drinking milk at the right time

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Drinking milk at the right time when you get the most and what not to do with milk, whether it’s taking milk with medication, etc., drinking milk at the right time.

Drinking milk on a regular basis is definitely good for your health. But how do you drink milk to get your body the most out of it? 

Drinking milk at the right time

Item 1 Should share the time to drink milk to get the most results. The morning between 5-7 o’clock in the morning is when the colon begins to work. Drinking curd during this time is optimal. Because the microorganisms in the curd will stimulate the colon to work better.  

Item. 2 During 7-9 o’clock in the morning is the time when the stomach starts to work. And the body begins to need energy to use in our daily activities. During this time, drink pasteurized milk or ufabet malt milk is best.

Item. 3 The time of 9 to noon is the time when the brain starts wanting to stimulate fully. Drinking low fat yogurt. Will stimulate the brain the best  

Item 4 The time of noon until 3 pm is the time of the digestive system. Of the stomach and small intestines The stomach will begin to release acid at this time. Drinking curd during this time will help the small intestine to digest and absorb food better. More importantly, you should drink it after meals.

Item 5 The afternoon from 3 to 5 o’clock in the afternoon is the time for the bladder to work. Should choose to drink sour milk again. To help stimulate the bladder to expel waste from the body better.  

Item 6 The time of 5 pm to 3 pm is the time of stimulating the circulatory system. And the membrane of the heart The body is in need Vitamin C and vitamin E are very high. But at the same time, we should not eat too much food in this meal. Therefore, choosing to drink sour milk during this time. Therefore it is the most suitable time

Item 7 The last part of the day, or from 3 to 11 p.m., is the time when the body needs warmth and calcium, so drinking warm milk at this time is ideal. And it is the time when the body absorbs calcium the best as well. With Nadi throwing a car

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