Fundamentals of caring for a newborn

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Fundamentals of caring for a newborn. After the birth of a baby while recuperating in the hospital Parents should ask the doctor or nurse about basic care for the baby. Understanding the body of a newborn baby and record the changes in the baby’s growth to see if it is in the appropriate range or not. Including learning important details and the basics of caring for newborns as follows.

Fundamentals of caring for a newborn


Carrying the baby in the right way reduces the chances of harm. And touch also fosters familiarity and warmth between the caregiver and the baby. The correct method of carrying is as follows.

  • Always wash your hands before carrying a baby. Because the baby’s body does not have a strong immune system. Therefore, the risk of infection is easy. 
  • Keep the baby’s head and neck supportive while lifting them up and dropping them down. This is because the head is the heaviest area in the baby’s body. And the neck muscles are not strong until the fourth month.
  • Cradle Hold is a basic position that makes it easy to hold a baby. Start by using one hand to scoop the neck and support the head to lift the baby up. The other hand supports the buttocks. Then hold the baby up to chest level. The baby’s torso is horizontally attached to the mother’s body. The baby’s head is at the elbow joint. 
  • To switch to a shoulder hold, use one hand to support the baby’s head and neck to shoulder height. The other hand supported the buttocks. and put it on the shoulder The body of the baby is in a vertical position with the belly attached to the mother’s body. 
  • Do not shake the baby as this may result in cerebral hemorrhage. Also do not throw children or play with them with violence. And should be very careful around the fontanel.