How is hemp different from marijuana?

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      How is hemp different from marijuana? Recognize a new economic crop with medicinal benefits.   Solve the question of hemp vs marijuana. what’s the difference between medicinal properties? What about legal hemp cultivation? Who can grow? Hemp  unlocked for the public to grow and take advantage of it on January 29, 2021 when the name of hemp heard in the news. Many people are wondering if it is the same herb as marijuana or it has different properties. Who can grow hemp? Let’s conclude, let’s clarify each other better.

          Hemp is one plant that has medicinal properties. Hemp is known in English as Hemp and its scientific name is Cannabis sativa L.subsp. Sativa belongs to the CANNABACEAE family, the same family as cannabis. But a subspecies The hemp is a traditional plant that grows in the temperate regions of Asia. And it assume that there is a wide distribution in the central part of the continent. From the Caspian Sea to the southern Himalayas and west Siberia. Before spreading to different places including highlands in Thailand

         The nature of hemp is tall and slender. Hemp leaf is a single leaf, light green, with a palm-like appearance

. There are about 7-11 lobes per one blade, the edge of the blade is like a saw blade. The tip of the blade is tapered. Petioles approximately 7 cm long. Hemp flowers are axillary flowers. The end of the flower is a bouquet of small white. Approximately 4 mm in diameter, the hemp fruit is oval, round, elliptical. Its smooth surface has brown pattern. The result is a dry gray seed. The seeds contain a lot of starchy and fatty nutrients.Is hemp an addictive substance?

          Hemp was originally classified as a Category V Drug List under the Narcotics Act 1979 because hemp is a subspecies of marijuana that contains the active substance known as “hemp.” Tetrahydrocannabinol (Tetrahydrocannabinol, THC), which acts on the central nervous system. Causing the eater to exciting, talkative, laughing all the time, so the production, import, export, possession, or even eaters. There will be criminal penalties.

          But after the hemp was unlocked As for hemp bark, stems, root fibers, true leaves / branches / stems, dried stems, dried stems, dried fibers, extraction of CBD containing no more than 0.2% THC, including hemp seeds. Hemp seed oil and extract doesnt considere as a drug Except for the hemp bouquet, which is still a category 5 narcotics, therefore, the hemp plant must be properly approve by ufabet online first.