How to drink milk properly

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How to drink milk properly to get the most benefit and what not to do while drinking milk, whether it is milk with medicine, etc.

How to drink milk properly

1 Should not add more than 8 grams of milk per 100ml

Should not add sugar while milk is hot. Because it will cause toxins that are harmful to the body Ideally, sugar should be added while the milk has cooled or warmed, and the sugar used should be brown sugar. Or cane sugar, because the body will absorb more easily than other types of sugar.

2 The drug should not be taken with milk.

Because the milk will enter the stomach and make the effects of the drug unable to be absorbed into the body. When it is not absorbed, it does not cause any problems. It is best to take the medicine 1-2 hours before or after drinking ufabet milk is the best.

3 Boiling milk until boiling to 100 degrees 

It will cause the nutrients and sugar in the milk to scorche. When it is scorched, it will replace the carcinogen. Moreover, the calcium in the milk will coagulate. Making it harder for the body to absorb and use Another important thing Never add lemon juice to the milk. Because the acid from lemon juice will destroy the protein in the milk completely.

4 Do not use fermented milk to feed infants. 

Because in the curd contains microorganisms that may cause diarrhea in the baby.

5 Do not use condensed milk to feed infants.

 Because condensed milk does not have properties and nutrients that occur in the baby’s body at all. And in condensed milk there is also fat, sugar and sodium mainly. This can have a number of adverse effects on the baby’s body. Such as malnutrition, energy and protein, which are very important for the baby’s growth.