Itchy throat , what to eat and how to relieve symptoms?

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          If you can’t be bothered by the itchy throat that won’t go away. We have some methods that may help relieve symptoms to improve. Let’s go to knowledge for you.

  • Drink plenty of warm water to reduce irritation. helps dissolve phlegm
  • Suck on cough candies or sweet candies. add moisture
  • Drink warm lemon honey to help kill germs in the throat. UFABET and help moisten the throat
  • Scratch the ear by inserting a finger into the ear canal. Then move your finger to scratch the ear canal, focusing, like when picking the ear. But do not put your finger into the ear canal too deep. Otherwise, a blow to the ear canal may occur.  
itchy neck
  • Use a sore throat relief spray. which helps reduce irritation around the throat
  • gargle with salt water by mixing half a teaspoon of salt with 240 ml or 1 cup of warm water
  • In the case of an itchy throat from an existing disease Sickness should be cured. or alleviate the symptoms to be stable 
  • If your throat is itchy because of a side effect of medication You should consult your doctor to find a suitable solution.

          However, after trying many ways to relieve the itchy throat. It still doesn’t go away and will only get worse or have other complications coming in It is advisable to seek immediate medical attention to determine the cause of this discomfort. This could be an infection or a sign of a hidden health problem.