Kajon flowers delicious taste where are the properties?

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Who likes to eat stir-fried Kajon flowers with eggs? or other Kajon flower menus. But still do not know the properties of Kajon flowers. Today we will take a look at the benefits of Kajon flowers. Let’s see where our favorite Kajon flowers are good.

          Kajon flowers or Gourami flowers are local vegetables that are not difficult to find. And also popularly used to make many dishes. Because the flowers or flowers are delicious. But besides the deliciousness of the flowers. Did you know that the flowers have many health benefits?Today we are going to open the properties of the flowers to know each other. Guarantee that knowing it will be even more satisfying for sure.   

Kachorn flowers try to get to know.

          The botanical characteristics of the flowers are small hard vines. The height of the tree is about 3-6 meters. Often creeping over a thousand large trees. or up to the tree shop Young shoots are covered with hair. The bark has deep cracks. There is white latex in every part of the tree.

          The leaves are small, single leaves, pointed tips, heart-shaped bases, smooth margins, similar to rice leaves. The leaves are slightly reddish green. The flowers are in clusters like a bunch of Uba flowers are yellowish green. Cool scent can be eaten as a vegetable the fruit is oval. Spear-shaped with a pointed end and the seeds have hairs to aid in their distribution.