Precautions for drinking celery juice.

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Even celery juice is useful But should not drink in large quantities. As the trend has told each other that To drink 500 ml of celery juice in the morning. It is considered too much. If you really want to drink it, 100 grams of celery and blend it is enough. and should drink little by little. As if drinking water not drinking all at once.

Should not drink celery juice consecutively for a long time, may drink only 7 days is enough. Or bring celery to eat with other foods.         

Shouldn’t drink after meals. because it will make the digestive system work poorly. UFABET There may be flatulence. 

Young children under 6 years old, the elderly, including patients with congenital diseases. Such as kidney disease or heart disease should not drink large amounts of celery juice or concentrated. Because celery is high in potassium. As a result, the kidneys work hard.         

Patients with low blood pressure should not eat celery. because it will make the pressure even lower until it is dangerous For people with high blood pressure You shouldn’t drink too much celery juice with the hope of lowering your blood pressure. Because celery only helps control blood pressure levels only. does not help treat the symptoms of the disease         

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy Absolutely should not drink celery juice. because cancer patients have low body immunity May be contaminated with bacteria from vegetables.         

Patients with other diseases that need to take medicine regularly Consult your doctor first. Because celery might affect medications used for medical conditions.         

Be careful of toxins and pesticides that come with celery. Since celery must be freshly blended, it must be washed thoroughly before cooking.