Precautions for using hand washing alcohol

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Precautions for using hand washing alcohol

The use of alcohol for hand washing is always something users should be aware of. Because if there is negligence Not being careful can have a negative effect on body and property. The main principles of safe handwashing alcohol are as follows:

Precautions for using hand washing alcohol.

Hand wash alcohol is easily flammable. 

Therefore, it should not be placed or used near a flame or high heat. They should be kept away from direct sunlight or extreme heat. And keep out of reach of children and pets in the house

Frequent hand washing with alcohol can cause dry,  cracked, irritated, and dehydrated skin. Which may make it easier for various pathogens to enter the body Therefore, it is best to apply lotion or hand cream as well.

Most hand sanitizers will last for 2–3 years, and even after they have expired they are generally harmless to the body. But the efficiency of disinfecting and cleaning may decrease. Users are advised to always check the manufacturing and expiration dates before purchasing.

Young children should use hand washing alcohol under close parental supervision. 

In which children should be careful not to swallow large quantities of alcohol, wash their hands. Because it can be harmful to the body

Usually ethanol is safe for the body. However, large quantities of ethanol can lead to alcohol poisoning. Swallowing isopropanol can affect the circulatory system. Central nervous system, respiratory system and shock can occur. There are also other ingredients in handwashing alcohol that, if swallowed, can be harmful to the body.

While hand- washing alcohol is a portable, comfortable and easy- to- reach health barrier , hand washing with soap and water is still a more effective preventative and routine. Especially during the epidemic of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. To ensure that Our palms and hands are truly germ free.

However, if any form of hand-washing alcohol use and you are allergic to alcohol-based ingredients. Such as dry, cracked, flaky, red, itchy, or other abnormalities, you should stop using the product immediately. In severe cases, see a doctor immediately.