Right or left handed can indicate brain activity

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Right or left handed can indicate brain activity.From surveys and research, it was found that Right-hander. It is estimated to be 85 percent and left-handed people make up only 15 percent of the global population. But if asked, is it necessary to change from a left-handed person to a right-handed person around the world? And how much does using the left hand affect the brain and mindfulness problems?

Right or left handed

               The structure of our human beings It starts from the big muscles from the head to the toes. Then develop small muscles from the hand to the fingertips. The use of hands or fingers to grasp the thing until it is fluent. Takes a long time During this period of human evolution. It can be grasped on both sides so that it cannot be seen which hand they have. But as time goes by The brain starts to work fine. The body develops during the ages of 2-3 years to the age of a complex nature that determines the ability to pick up or hold objects with your fingers. As well as use your hands for writing or drawing. Even the details of this age, although able to guess which hand is right But not clearly indicated until after the age of 5 years

               Research indicates that The human body in the mother’s womb. The nervous system is located in the right hemisphere up to 60 percent. Allowing the child to recognize the mother’s movement. And other maternal factors that cause the baby from in the womb until birth to recognize. Which hand is warming And being used to affect the choice of using the dominant hand in the future.

– Left or right handedness is not different.

               Most left-handed people are good at music, language listening, and math. Think fast, do fast Can work or activity at the same time And have architectural skills Unsteady mood, easily irritated, but research suggests Left-handed people are better off using the right hemisphere. Responds to complex thinking And good against stimuli. Which results in a balance of both parts of the body Makes him have high sports skills. And more importantly, from the data collection. It was found that those who are left-handed are more likely to be wealthy than those who are right-handed. It is merely a statistic that can not conclude. whether brain function is involved in the muscles of the hands and arms or not.

 Left-handed You don’t have to think of it as a minority. This is because everyday public objects are more favorable to right-handed people. Such as lecture tables in classrooms, scissors, and so on. In addition, left- or right-handed, they contribute to society. Develop the nation to be even better in the future No matter which side of the hand