Tetanus is dangerous than you think!

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   Tetanus is dangerous than you think!  How scary is this name tetanus in our feelings? It is believed that many people have heard more or less the story of this tetanus disease. With the picture remembering that ‘rust’ is equal to ‘tetanus’, despite the fact that tetanus can lead to many different types of wounds.

Tetanus is dangerous than you think!

Such a wound! Tetanus may greet. 

    Tetanus causes by the bacterium Clostridium tetani, which has a direct effect on the nerves that control muscle function. With the ability to multiply rapidly by diffusion through the bloodstream. As a result, the central nervous system starts to work abnormally. Until the loss of muscle control Causing muscle contraction is not normal Especially the jaw area People with this type of bacteria tend to have stiff jaws. Or have symptoms of contraction of different muscles To seizures as well. Which causes bacteria to have a chance to enter the body Came from various wounds As many people understand Which may not have come from stabbing the nail alone But also from the following types of scars

  • Infectious wound in people with diabetes
  • Infectious wounds from surgery, dentistry
  • Infected wounds from puncture, tattooing (sharing needles)
  • Wound from an animal attack
  • Cut wound Or have been torn
  • Severe accidental wounds (burns)

The origins of wounds that can lead to tetanus infection are quite varied. Even the wounds caused by everyday life No need for ‘rust’ as an intermediary, tetanus can penetrate into the body. 

What kind of symptoms approach tetanus? 

    How do we know what symptoms are ? Is it right or close to tetanus? Because reputed to wound Just a seep of blood To see a little, it called a wound For anyone who lives a careful life. Seeing your doctor regularly may not be too worrying. But believe that most people do not like going to the hospital or want to see a doctor, even a small wound will be able to heal by itself within a few days. In addition to the type of wound that is likely to be infected with tetanus as the list has already been mentioned. If you have the following symptoms 10-14 days after the injury, you can suspect that this is tetanus. 

Can tetanus be curable? 

    There are two treatments for tetanus infection today: tetanus vaccination. To strengthen the immune system to make the body stronger Able to resist foreign bacteria that accompany the wound. But the immunity of the tetanus vaccine has reduce with age. Resulting in infection easily when you get older Therefore, the vaccine will stimulate every 10 years for safety.