The addiction watching the tv series

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        The addiction watching the tv series to the end. The addictive behavior of watching continuous series for a long time without rest, which the term ” Addicted Watching ” has existed for a long time since the era of video or movie rental. And in the era of streaming services providing entertainment to watch the whole season or the whole story at once, Binge Watching has come back as an interesting word again.

Why can't we stop watching the tv series?

          The reason why we can’t stop watching the series is because Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone, or CRH that the body secretes when excited Doubt Curious about what will happen next. The series is also taking advantage of this hormone. With a cut-off, leaving the point at the end of the episode .Makes us feel like watching the next episode again and again, and when we want to watch it The body releases the hormone dopamine, the hormone of happiness. Makes us feel happy Feel relaxed Until able to fall asleep and watch the series until morning itselfBinge Watching

          Believe that we watch the series almost everyone. But will watching our series fall into the category of Binge Watching? Let’s check this behavior.

          1. Always watch a series all at once Overnight Or you can watch a series of 10 episodes, spend more than 8 hours in a row watching the series.

          2. Sticking to the series until eating the wrong time Or sleep at the wrong time

          3. I was weary from sleep deprivation to watch the series. But still can’t stop watching

          4. Even if it’s not a holiday, you can still watch the series until morning. And often go to school and work in an inefficient manner

          5.Attend to the series so much that you interact less with other people and less do other activities in your daily life. Or cancel the appointment to see the seriesHow does binge watching affect your health?

          If you can’t move on from Binge Watching and you have addictive behavior, watching the series is relentless. May affect health as follows

1. Risk of eye disease (Computer Vision Syndrome)

         Whether it’s dry eyes, eye strain, eye strain, blurred vision, or if watching the marathon series. May be at risk of vitreous degeneration. And acute glaucoma as well

2. Chronic headache

          If you sleep less and use a lot of eyesight as well Will cause headaches, dull, dull, not recovered, which may affect work or daily life.

3. Cumulative exhaustion

          Not only does watching the series not rest, but it makes us feel tired for a long time, but if we do not exercise. Eating no good food Or rarely eat Will feel more tired and accumulate Because the physical condition is not as strong as the original capital

4. Risk of gastritis

          Let’s admit that when we are courting the series We often forget to eat. And some people may combine breakfast and lunch as a single dinner Which if you can’t eat rice at this time, you will be at an increased risk of stomach disease

5. Fatter

          Of course, sleeping while watching the series will make us less likely to move physically. Plus, staying up late will also make us want to eat more sweet, junk food. Which, if indulged in the mouth, has the right to easily get obese

6.Has an angry mood

          When I sleep less, it is often easily frustrated. Become a good swung person. Which may affect your relationship with those around you

7. Office Syndrome

          Especially on the wrist that is used to hold the smartphone when watching the series Including being in the same position can lead to chronic pain in different parts of the body.