The power of color enhances productivity.

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The power of color enhances productivity. For many people, looking at the “auspicious shirt colors” chart is one of their daily activities. Before taking the clothes out of the closet. You will need to look at the table first, which color of the shirt will enhance the matter of power, money, fortune, health , love, loving adults and most importantly avoid colors that are jewelry.

The power of color

Which colors not only make everything look bright and beautiful But each color also has a psychological meaning, that is, it can affect human emotions, feelings and mental state. This is because color affects the perception naturally occurring in all humans. It can be associated with human intuition.

Color is a key element in design work. Which if speaking in the design part Color will affect consumer behavior. Including promoting the brand image as well Colors are used for marketing purposes. But if in the general work, we can apply the psychology of color to promote the work.

In science, color does not just represent an emotion. But it can also increase or decrease work efficiency. First of all, color improves recognition. Research has shown that colors help us remember 80 percent more colors that will stimulate the brain to work. Help to feel And increase the brain’s perception We can remember that information in colors.

Let’s take a look at each color. How to increase efficiency and productivity

Red  with red is a warm color. We can use red to stimulate excitement. Enthusiasm Help the environment look energetic Suitable for writing or highlighting important messages because the red color is eye-catching. Therefore able to attract the eye to turn to look.

Yellow  is a color that stimulates brain activity. Can connect thoughts in the subconscious as quickly as possible. Thus stimulating to remember Creative Positive thinking Give you a refreshing feeling And encourages good reading If it’s an important message that you don’t want to forget Try writing a message with yellow post-it paper and follow it around.

Orange  has the effect of excitement, vitality, enthusiasm, creativity. And also gives implications for thinking carefully Caution

Blue  reduces excitement and helps people feel relaxed, calm, and also expresses order, comfort, serenity, trust, stability and calm that helps workers focus on the task at hand.

Green  is a necessary color for people who work continuously for a long time. Because green helps to soothe the tiredness of the eyes, creating a feeling of serenity. Relieve tension, increase concentration, help with memory. Suitable for writing what you want to repeat. Or in an important event list

Purple  In general, purple has implications for stability. Mystery It is attractive to find and the purple color helps in meditation. Calm the mind Stimulate creativity And awakened ambition too If you want to increase your commitment to work Try using purple to help.

Pink  is a color that is about love, appreciation, affection, loveliness. Try it if you want to be kind to people or adults.

White is the  color of success. And the emptiness of cleanliness also encourages new ideas.

Just a little helper can help us increase efficiency and productivity. What side do you want to add? Try to find appliances in different colors and put them on the desk, it looks good as well.