The secret of the human brain

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What is the secret of the human brain? The Scientists, biologists, psychologists and brain doctors in the United States and Europe has researched for many years to try to find the cause of the differences of each person. Why some people fail repeatedly But some people with repeated success.

The secret of the human brain

Scientists have discovered that In the human brain there is one thing that is scientifically called Neurons are lattice like spider webs, limbs like tree roots. The arms are called “appons”. Neurons are found in the human brain for millions of cells. With tremendous limbs stretching out like a spider’s web The limbs that are stretched out. They are connected by electric charge. When man is stressed Are very concerned or negative It transmits millions of electric currents to the human brain in a negative way.

If you think of bad things that you are stressed over and over for several days, your neurons will grow larger, networked and stronger. When it gets stronger, the person becomes stressed, sad, easy to think, and fails because the brain only sends negative things. The process of transferring information in the brain perceives things that are not successful and bad, which is why some people do things and fail repeatedly. Because of Neuron’s ufabet network construction, it connects all the negative things. When the nerve impulses affect it like this This problem determines the human future. 

But scientists have discovered a new neuron pathway in the brain. 

From the original negative thoughts, adjust and think again. There are two subjects that scientists call “NLP”. NLP in the United States is an institution. Process mechanisms will go into various scenes in the brain. And made a new way of neurons As soon as the person is positive Adjust new attitudes and set new expectations. Do it every day for about 1 week. Scientists have discovered that Neurons in the brain begin to branch out into new, positive branches. When you think positively, the positive cells will catch millions of cells. As a group The negative branches will gradually disappear or die. That person will be a person who is happy, positive things. Positive thinking generates new cells in the brain, grabs new polarities, transforms new human pathways.