The wrong ways to exercise

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Is wrong ways to exercise, the more you do, the older you look! ?Exercise regularly, but why exercise is even more worn. Plus look older than your age Or was it because we made something wrong?

          Who said that exercise will brighten your skin? His face will shine and look younger. But why do we exercise? Even though I exercise regularly or almost more than other people as well. A… What did we do wrong or what?

The wrong ways to exercise
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           Because improper exercise can have a negative impact on health as well. This makes it look shabby, but what kind of exercise does it make to get old fast? Come check and adjust immediately.

1. Too much cardio.

          Cardio exercises like running or cycling can help keep your heart healthy. But intense cardio exercise can cause your body to burn too much. This can lead to loss of muscle mass and the destruction of cells in the body, especially in people with heavy cardio. Pure cardio, no sweat, your muscle mass will be burned. Make your skin not bright, firm as you think.

2. Overdoing training

          Even though we said that you should play some sweat to build your muscles But that doesn’t mean you can overdo it with your training session too. Especially those who are just starting to play if they are going to sweat hard even though they have not yet gained much weight The body has to use a lot of energy. It causes fatigue of different muscles and cells as well.

3. HIIT too much.

          anything that is too frequent too often is not good at all. Some people like to do HIIT exercise because it takes less time and burns a lot. Therefore, I tend to do HIIT workouts on a regular basis, but intense fat burns without paying attention to muscle exercises can make her face look shabby. The body looks dull and can get it.

4. Low-impact exercise.

          In the event of overweight or old age, the knee joint is unable to exercise vigorously, low-impact exercise is the answer many people choose. But doing this kind of exercise might make the body less agile, in other words, the body might burn energy. But being active in various activities may be ineffective. Turned out to be regular exercise But it doesn’t look fast.

5. Use the exercise machine too often.

          A cyclist, or elliptical, is an exercise device that helps keep the knee safe. And a good cardio But doing this kind of exercise hardly works your bones at all, in other words, it burns calories, but doesn’t help in toning, so people who work out with a home exercise machine alone may not be as healthy and firm. People who exercise more variety Despite exercising more often

* Diet is important

          Diet is another factor that keeps the body from getting tired after exercising. After exercise, we should nourish the body with protein foods to help repair the wear and tear of the body. And carbohydrates should be eaten to help rejuvenate your body after strenuous exercise, preferably with good protein and complex carbohydrates. This will not make sure enough fat.

However, proper workouts should be alternately exercised thoroughly, namely some cardio, some exercise Do some stretching with yoga. Allowing the body to exercise all parts completely