What causes psychiatric illnesses?

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Although the exact cause of most psychiatric illnesses is unknown. But research shows that many of these symptoms are caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and environmental factors knowledge.

Biological factor.

  1. Neuron circuit disorders:  especially neurons with “neurotransmitters (Neurotransmitters)” which the presence of this chemical is too much or too little. It affects the brain’s functioning in thinking, perception and social life.  
  2. Heredity: A family in which a member has a mental illness. will be more prone to this disease than normal people Because some disorders may be hereditary. and other factors such as stress, abuse or traumatic events May affect or induce mental illness in this group more easily.
  3. Infection:  Certain germs, such as some viruses or bacteria. It may cause damage to brain cells. resulting in psychiatric disorders or can induce worsening symptoms
  4. Brain disorders or injuries:  Such as dementia brain tumor or a physical disease that causes abnormal brain function, such as epilepsy Brain disorders caused by the use of drugs, drugs, toxins, including traumatic brain injuries from accidents. These are also contributing factors to psychiatric disorders. 
  5. Abnormalities occurring during pregnancy and before birth:  Results in a temporary disruption of the fetal brain, such as insufficient oxygen supply to the brain. May cause children to be born with autism. 

Psychological factors

  1. Severe childhood trauma, such as emotional, physical, or sexual abuse
  2. traumatic childhood trauma, such as the death of a parent or had an accident 
  3. I had a feeling in my heart that I wasn’t good enough. lack of self esteem 

Social and environmental factors

  1. divorced parents or having family problems 
  2. incomplete family life, such as having poor parenting conditions Family relationships are deteriorating.
  3. living environment
  4. group of friends and people in society
  5. Change work or school
  6. Values ​​of people in society, for example, if a woman is thin to be beautiful Until it affects the idea that you don’t want to eat too much, are afraid of getting fat, or have to lie to yourself and those around you that you are rich and have status in order to fit into society. 
  7. alcohol addiction or use drugs Either by yourself or by family members 
  8. Long-term use of certain medications