What is a color tones?

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What is a color tones? Color tones are colors that give a feeling of heat or cold. The color cycle has 7 hot colors and 7 cool colors, which divide into purple and yellow. Which can both caste divide into 2 tones

What is a color tones?

Hot caste

It consists mainly of yellow, orange and red as well as colors from a mix of 3 colors such as red, orange or yellow orange

Cool tones

Contains green, blue and purple, including three colors, such as green-blue. And purple-blue

Opposite color

Opposite or contrasting color or antagonist color It is a color that has a chroma value. Severely contrast In practice, it is not commonly used together. Because each color will not be as bright as it should Bringing opposite colors together May be done as follows

  • There is a large area of ​​color. One less color
  • Mix other colors into one of the colors. Or both colors
  • Mix opposite colors into both colors.

Opposite color or dual color (Complementary Colors) refers to the color, two colors that are opposite on the color cycle. Giving feelings of violent conflicts, there are 6 pairs that are

  • Yellow and Violet
  • Red (Red) and Green (Green)
  • Blue and Orange
  • Yellow-Orange and Blue-Green
  • Red-Orange and Blue-Green
  • Yellow-Green and Red-Violet

Principles of color use

Using color and work that comes out What is the purpose of the designer? To generate interest Excitement to the viewer. In order to reach the desire destination The main uses are as follows.

Using a single caste color

The meaning of a single caste color (tone) is a group of colors that are divided into the color wheel into two caste.

  • Warm tone which consists of yellow, orange, red, purple. To the feeling of excitement, excitement, vigorousness, considered a hot caste
  • Cool tones are made up of yellow, green, blue, purple.

Each color use should use one caste color in the entire image. Because it will make the image of oneness (unity) harmonious and motivated to be able to follow a lot

Using different caste colors

The general principle is to use the ratio of 80% to 20% of the color caste, that is, if the color is hot, 80%, cool, 20%, etc., which use to create the attention of the viewer. Do not use the same ratio as it will not have any outstanding colors.

Use of contrasting colors

Contrasting colors give a strong contrast feeling. Make prominence And can be very provocative, but if used improperly or improperly, or using too many colors. It will cause a feeling of blur, contradiction, should use opposite colors at the ratio of 80% to 20%, or if there are equal areas that need to use and should adde to white or black to cut the lines apart or another. One way is to dull the saturation of the opposite color.