What is cardio exercise?

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What is cardio exercise?? What to know about cardio that healthy men should not miss.There are many interesting cardio stories that fitness lovers should know For better health.

          I believe there are many people who have heard the word cardio. Some people know that this is a form of exercise. But may not know how this type of training is beneficial for the body. Does it affect weight loss or not? Therefore, the gearbox dot com collects interesting facts about cardio to leave each other.

What is cardio exercise?

How cardio exercise work?

          Cardio is any form of exercise that speeds up your heart rate and breathing. While using different muscles in a rhythmic repetition It can be divided into three categories: low-intensity cardio (LIIT), high-intensity cardio (HIIT), and fartlek.

low-intensity cardio (LIIT).

          For low-intensity cardio, it focuses on time-consuming exercises to maintain a constant pulse, such as walking, cycling, and long-distance running, which can help burn excess fat. Plus it doesn’t cause any loss of muscle mass

high-intensity cardio (HIIT).

          The HIIT method involves exercising and taking short breaks between sets. Called out continuously until I almost didn’t have a rest ever. This method will help stimulate the body’s metabolic system to work better. It also strengthens the muscles. Ready to break down fat at once And for good results Should exercise this way, 20 minutes per time.

Cardio, Fartlek.

          How to exercise this type. It’s a combination of low-intensity and high-intensity cardio into the same training session, such as sprint for 30 seconds, walk for 2 minutes, then sprinting for another 2 minutes, then jogging for about 5. Minutes and ends with a sprint Which will focus on strengthening the heart and lungs Including helping to increase the endurance of the body at once

Cardio benefits

          Many people might think of cardio training specifically to focus on burning excess fat. But may not know the main purpose of cardio Is to help stimulate the work of the heart and blood vessels. Which helps the blood flow to better nourish the heart Strengthens the heart muscle As for fat reduction, it is a by-product. This is due to the soaring metabolic rate in the body while practicing cardio. It also stimulates the lungs to function stronger. As well as the respiratory system that can work at full capacity

Making it far from all diseases

          , cardio not only strengthens the muscles and helps the body’s work system to function better. But studies show that cardio reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure. While also accelerating the production of the hormone dopamine. Reduce stress Including increasing bone density and stimulating the brain to work better.

Helps to sleep soundly,

          young people who are difficult to sleep. Plus like to wake up in the middle of the night on a regular basis Cardio exercise will make your insomnia go away. Because cardio helps to sleep soundly.