What is gastritis disease.

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          Actually the full name of this disease is “peptic ulcer disease”. But most people call it gastritis. Actually it also refers to ulcer disease of the small intestine. gastritis and inflammatory bowel disease as well. Knowledge for you.


Stomach disease symptoms Check a little.

 Let’s explore the symptoms to see. If we have a stomachache that is a disease of the stomach or not.

          – Pain or tightness in the stomach area under the epigastrium on an empty stomach or when hungry, but can be alleviated by diet or medication. acid But in some people, the pain gets worse after eating. especially eating foods that are very spicy and very sour

          – Often having recurrent pain for years with a relatively long absence of symptoms, such as pain that lasts 1-2 weeks and disappears for several months, and then comes back

          – Late night abdominal pain after falling asleep

          – Some people may have a recurrence of aspirin, joint pain relievers, alcohol, coffee, sugary snacks, food that is difficult to digest. or relapse during eating at the wrong time or leaving hungry for a long time Or time stress

How to prevent gastritis?

          I don’t want to have stomach ache, gastritis. or do not want to come back Must change behaviors to prevent this at all.

          – Eat small amounts of food, but often meals. Should not eat until very full at each meal.

          – Eat on time. If hungry early, drink water

          – avoid spicy, sour food, pickles, sodas, coffee, fried foods, oils and snacks. Because these foods will cause gastric juice to secrete more than usual. 

          – Stop smoking and refrain from drinking alcohol. or all kinds of alcoholic beverages because it stimulates the secretion of stomach acid 

          – Refrain from taking aspirin painkillers. and all types of osteoarthritis medications If it is necessary to use this group of drugs, consult a doctor.        

  – Don’t stress, find ways to relieve stress and anxiety. Including getting enough rest.

          – Do not sleep late. The more late, the more hungry we are. Because the acid is secreted in the stomach too much, so if hungry when you go to bed, do not eat.

          – Exercise regularly. May choose brisk walking, jogging, cycling or swimming to relieve stress. And it also helps the body to be strong.