When is the best time to drink tomato juice? To benefit?

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          As already said To get the full benefit from tomatoes. They must be eaten ripe. But what about those who want to drink tomato juice? Will it benefit him as well or not? I have advice to say. To get the most out of tomato juice, you can do it in 2 ways

:aperitif is on an empty stomach By dropping oil into tomato juice to aid in the absorption of the body.

 Drink after meals. After eating, you can drink tomato juice immediately. The fat in the diet will help to absorb lycopene better.

Who can and cannot drink tomato juice?

          As you can see that 1 tomato gives very little energy. And there is already less sugar If it is squeezed and does not add sugar. Obese people or people who want to lose weight can drink with peace of mind. Don’t be afraid of being fat. People with diabetes can drink it as well UFABET 

But to be careful is patients with “kidney disease” because the nutritional information shows that tomatoes are very high in “potassium”. So it is not suitable for people with kidney disease. or people with high blood potassium. Because the body may not be able to excrete all the potassium.

          People with acid reflux should not eat too much tomatoes. Because tomatoes are mildly acidic, which if eaten a lot can cause symptoms.

Assorted benefits of this size Feel free to add “tomatoes” as part of our meals. Or if you squeeze your own drinking water every day, two glasses a day will help refresh your body. Along with the full range of vitamins and minerals that can be obtained from this vegetable.