When kids lying becomes a problem

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When kids lying becomes a problem. Occasionally lying can be a normal behavior among school-age children. But if a child begins to lie so often that it becomes a habit and other aggressive behaviors. Such as destroying belongings, harming people or animals Having sleep problems, having no friends, or starting to lie without feeling guilty. These behaviors can become problems that affect a child’s daily living and social life.

In addition, lying can be a sign that a child has symptoms of a psychiatric disorder. It is found in children with attention  deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) who lack the ability to think or think. Also tend to lie or behave aggressively. Parents should therefore always observe the behavior of their children.  If other abnormal behaviors are found. The child should be taken to the doctor for appropriate treatment.

Children’s lying is a behavior that is learned from close people. Parents, in particular, often lie to their children. Therefore, parents should not lie or hide what their children should know. Pay attention to children and teach them to understand that habitual lies create problems for themselves and others. It is also a good idea to create an atmosphere in the home where children do not feel pressured to speak the truth. Such as avoiding harsh punishment and appreciate when children dare to speak the truth.