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Benefits of IF.

The IF method can make many people sick to the point of having to call the doctor if it is not done correctly. Doing IF has many benefits for the body besides losing weight, such as: How to do IF correctly? Set the time for

Are sugar harmful?

Although sugar substitutes are popular among those trying to lose weight, studies have shown that. Sugar-sweetened beverages do not help people lose weight body. Sweeteners play a role in the gut microflora, which results in abnormal metabolism. Which may lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes .

Benefits of grilled bananas.

Grilled bananas have health benefits other than ripe bananas. “Grilled Bananas” with more health benefits than ordinary bananas as follows: Roasting bananas increases the amount of oligosaccharides, which feed the good bacteria in the intestines, improving the intestinal environment and effectively preventing constipation.UFABET   About 70

Precautions for drinking celery juice.

Even celery juice is useful But should not drink in large quantities. As the trend has told each other that To drink 500 ml of celery juice in the morning. It is considered too much. If you really want to drink it, 100 grams of celery and blend it is

When is the best time to drink tomato juice? To benefit?

          As already said To get the full benefit from tomatoes. They must be eaten ripe. But what about those who want to drink tomato juice? Will it benefit him as well or not? I have advice to say. To get the most out of tomato juice, you can do

What is Grape Seaweed?

          Grape Seaweed the round shape resembles a small grape that is close together in a bunch. It looks like this. So in our country we call it sea grapes. In English, it is similar to the name Sea Grapes. In Japan, they call the seaweed a

The benefits of pomegranate.

The benefits of pomegranate are both healthy fruits. And the recipe for the treatment of disease anyway. The health benefits of pomegranate are as follows. 1. Rich in essential minerals for the body.   Pomegranate seeds have a sweet and sour taste. There is a fragrance from natural sugar 1

5 simple tricks to exercise your goals by yourself.

Now that you’ve set your goals and know how to exercise them. Here are some great tips to help you exercise results. 1. Drink water before exercise. About 3 hours before exercise. You should drink 2-3 glasses of water and during you should drink water

What is Long COVID?

         What is Long COVID? Covid-19 infection It is a disease that affects both short-term and long-term. Because after cured but many people still feel like they haven’t recovered yet. Because during the infection. The body will create an immune response to bind to protein cells of some organs. Cause inflammation in